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Wasco County
Community Profile:
  Eastern Oregon
Position Description:
Wasco County
  Kimberly Jacobsen, County Planning Director


Participant will serve as a Land Use Planning and Economic Development Specialist for Wasco County. Position will involve continuing work on an analysis of information relating to the best and most appropriate uses of land in Wasco County. Worker will also facilitate community groups in the establishment of guidelines directing the future uses of land in ways that improve the economy and protect the environment. Conducting legal research on land use guidelines and ordinances as well as providing research and technical assistance on economic development alternatives will also be required. In addition, worker will direct a project on the identification of lands best suited for recreation use and destination resort development.
Required Skills
Grant writing; group facilitation; data collection and analysis; good writing and public presentation skills; project management; time management; ability to live and work effectively in a remote area noted for hot summers and cold winters.
RARE Member: 1995-1996, Year 2 Participant


1995-1996, Year 2 Participant
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