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University Of Oregon
Community Profile:
  Southern Willamette Valley
Position Description:
University of Oregon
  David Povey, Director, RARE Program


RARE workers at the University will serve as Administrative and Research Assistants to the participants in the field. This position includes collecting and distributing information requested by RARE field participants such as background census information on communities and counties and the compilation of newspaper information on activities taking place in a local area. In addition, participant will collect information on grant programs, state agencies and other potential sources of funding for community projects. Participants will also work with Community Planning Workshop staff in developing work programs for projects being considered by RARE communities.
Required Skills
Grant writing; group facilitation; data collection and analysis; good writing and public presentation skills; project management; time management; excellent library research skills. The ability to get things done yesterday. Excellent skills in collecting and sending information using computers.
RARE Member: Catherine Southward - 1995-1996, Year 2 Participant

:RARE Worker Catherine Southward After receiving her BS in Recreation from the University of California at Davis, Catherine completed her Master's in Leisure Studies and Services at the University of Oregon in 1992. For the past year she has been working for the RARE program researching background material on the participating communities. Her knowledge and familiarity with computers and library resources has allowed her access to sources such as newspaper articles and census data. Catherine acts as a strong data conduit to the RARE workers via the Internet by forwarding requested information and helping those unfamiliar with rural Oregon gather necessary facts and figures.

Catherine Southward
1995-1996, Year 2 Participant
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